Ron palangio







About Ron

Ron began playing guitar at 12 and continued to study Jazz and Classical guitar at Mohawk College’s Applied Music Program. He later went on to continue his studies at University where he earned an Hon. B. of Music from McMaster and a B. of Ed. from University of Toronto. Ron's versatility, sight reading and improvisational skills deemed him an in demand free lance guitarist performing in professional theatre productions, big bands, dance, pop, rock and country groups. 




Guitar Education

Ron Palangio has been teaching guitar for over 35 years. He began as a private teacher offering lessons in Classical, Jazz, Rock and Popular styles, while completing his Diploma in Applied Music at Mohawk College Ron was approached to teach Guitar courses offered to adult learners. He did that for five years while completing his Bachelor of Music after which he began a 29 year career as a secondary school music teacher. Ron gained expertise teaching everything from Instrumental, Guitar, Keyboard to Choral music. He initiated guitar classes at several of the schools he taught at and designed the guitar curriculum. Ron brings years of experience to guitar pedagogy and now offers theses resources. 


Guit' It Together Volume 1

This is the first Volume of a series designed for classroom and group instruction. A beginner method intended for Middle School and High School guitar classes. Ensemble playing is emphasized.


Guit' It Together volume 2