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Back Burner

by Ron Palangio


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Album Notes

As I raised a family and pursued a career in music education the dream of recording an album was put on the “back burner”. These compositions are a selection of music written through the years that reflect the different genres of jazz that have influenced and inspired me in my study of jazz guitar. I’d like to thank the fabulous musicians who have made these tunes come alive. Jordan Abraham has impressed me with his skill, energy and creativity for a long time, Roberto Santos a talented musician and dedicated music educator has been wonderful to work with both as a musician and fellow music teacher. Steve and Sal are former students of mine who have gone on to become professionals of the highest calibre, they are my teachers now. Thanks to Amy King for her musical ears, knowledge and creativity.


released May 2, 2017

Ron Palangio: Guitars, Guitar Synth
Jordan Abraham: Piano, Accordion and Keyboards
Sal Rosselli: Tenor Sax
Steve Pelletier: Electric and Upright Bass
Roberto Santos: Drums and Percussion
Amy King: Auxiliary Percussion

All compositions by Ron Palangio Copyright Socan 2017
Produced By Ron Palangio
Recorded and Mixed by Amy King at Grant Avenue Studio Hamilton Ontario Canada
Assisted by Mark MacDonald and Sheena Kosic
Recorded January 25,26,27 2017
Dedicated to Joanne, Brendan, Colin and Shealagh